The Hajdú  Folk  Dance  Ensemble  of  Debrecen      was    established     in   September  in
1953,    in  Debrecen city. The ensemble will celebrate its 65th jubilee  of  its  existance   in

Debrecen, a colourful town and the second biggest  city   of Hungary   with  its  population
of 207,000 people, lies in the heart of Europe. This is the seat of Hajdú-Bihar county  and
the  centre  of  the  Northern-Plain region.  It  was the historic   centre of  Hungary   for   a
long time, and was called the  Calvinist Rome,  „the city  clad  in sunlight”.   In  1849   and
1944  it  was the real capital  of the country,  such hard  times it was   the  only  safe  place,
where the country could be governed from.

The Hajdú Folk Dance Ensembe of Debrecen

Debrecen  is  a  city  situated  at  the  meeting  points  of   different   regions,  at   the  place
where the city comes across the  Puszta, where tradition meets  modernity  and  East  with
West.  The  Hajdú  Folk Dance  Ensemble  of  Debrecen  was  established  in  this  spiritual
atmosphere on the 1st of September in 1953.  Since  then  in addition  to   several  national
and international honours, the ensemble was  awarded  the  precious   „European  folklore
award” in 1979, which has been remunerated only to 11 ensembles in Europe.

Our  ensemble  represents   unique, high-level    artistic      and    cultural value.
Our  goal is:  the  save  of  our  folk  and  national culture, its presentation  on  a  high   folk
level,  care  and popularization  of  the  national folk dance culture.

The Hajdú Folk Dance Ensembe of Debrecen


Professional recognitions:
–              In Hungary: 31 festival honours, 13 awards
–              In abroad: 8 festival honours and European folklore award

Qualifications: the highest qualification degree in all cases

Our solo dancers’ awards: 67

Number of performed invitations on National Folklore Anthology: 41

Total number of dancers in the ensemble so far: 8630

National countenance in total: 4800 occasions

Appearances in abroad: 96 occasions

Shown choreographies: 295 creations

Number of creators: 78 choreographers

New programmes: 51 performances

Accompanying bands: 3 music styles were represented

Artistic leaders merited professional award: Gyula Varga, dr. László Kardos,
Katalin Koroknai, Zsuzsa Tiszai, Bálint Lovas

The Hajdú Folk Dance Ensembe of Debrecen

From  the  year  1953   several  generations  have  grown  up giving their  enthusiasm  and
knowledge  to  the next  generations.   Today   there   are  400   dancers  from the age of  6
till   the  seniors  in  the  ensemble.   The  group  has  toured  and  participated  in   several
C. I. O. F. F. festivals almost all countries in Europe as  well as in Egypt,  Tunisia,  Algeria,
South Korea, Japan, Vietnam,  Mexico,  Brasil,  Canada,  Indonesia,  China  and  the  USA.
In the stage repertory of  the  group you  can  find  folk  dances  of  the  regions  where  the
Hungarian      language    is  spoken,    performed    in  authentic    costumes   and     music
accompaniment.    Thus   the   ensemble  performs  dances  from  all  over  the  Carpathian
Basin, traditional dances of Hungarian people living in the neighbouring countries.

The  choreographies  are  based  on  the  collections  of  both  the  Hungarian   Academy of
Science’s and the ensemble’s adopts Hungarian folk traditions many times.

The Hajdú Folk Dance Ensemble of Debrecen
DIRECTORS: Ms. Zsuzsa Tiszai
ADDRESS: 4025 Debrecen, Hatvan utca 32.
FACEBOOK: hajdufolk
HOMEPAGE: www.hajdufolk.hu
E-MAIL: hajdufolk@gmail.com